Celebrating Dave Brubeck at 90 years. Thanks Jazz FM!

Loads of great Dave Brubeck bio info.  What a talent.  Check it out.

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Jazz Profiles … another great jazz blog

Don’t you love it when you find a great web source, with lots of good information?  Read on.  Jazz Profiles.

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Found this blog, but can’t read a word of it!  I do see lots of Shelly Manne, so it can’t be half bad!

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Jazz Shots West Coast – Vol. 1 #jazz video on your iPhone

54 minutes of pure West Coast jazz is found here, including Shelly Manne and His Men!

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Celebrating Shorty Rogers birthday (a day late). Thanks @jazzbdays!

Shorty Rogers was a ‘Giant’ in the jazz world.  His appearance on Frankly Jazz is a classic!  Here he and His Giants perform ‘Time Was.’

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#Jazz Crusaders perform Freedom Sound on #FranklyJazz

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Miles Davis & The Lighthouse All-Stars discovered here

This Blog gives a nice overview of this album featuring Miles and the gang from The Lighthouse.  Many of the folks are also featured on an episode of Frankly Jazz.

Miles way out west could be a way to describe this session recorded in 1953. The Lighthouse was a jazz bar in Hermosa Beach south of Los Angeles and had a regular in house band comprisng Rolf Ericson-Trumpet, Bud Skank-Alto Saxophone, Bob Cooper-Tenor Saxophone, Lorraine Geller-Piano, Howard Rumsey-Bass and Max Roach on Drums who had just replaced Shelly Manne. All West Coast Players and good ones at that.Chet Baker was a regular at the club and actually the last track on this album(“At Last”) is Chet with the band and not Miles.

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