Frank’s Career

Born Franklin Moore Evans on February 17, 1917 in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, ‘Frank’ showed early on his love of music & entertainment. As a high-schooler growing up in New Jersey, Frank led a small jazz combo.



8 Responses to Frank’s Career

  1. Mitch says:

    On behalf of jazz lovers everywhere I’d like to thank you for your devotion to this music format.
    I would not have found you if it were not for my love of Lou Rawls’ music – his interpretation of “Willow Weep For Me” was on your show and ended up on YouTube as a part of a tribute to Lou.
    I don’t know how I lived through the ’60’s without hearing of you sooner but I’m glad I did in time to thank you. So many of my heroes have passed on already and I;’m glad to have the chance to say thank you, so very much!

    • Lance Evans says:

      Hi Mitch –

      Thank you for the nice words. My father – Frank Evans – was the host of the show, but alas, he also is not with us (passed away in 1973). I am trying to make the site more relevant to his career (which it isn’t right now). Glad you found the Lou Rawls’ music enjoyable. Best, Lance Evans

  2. Rhonda Prince says:

    I also found out about the show with the video of Lou Rawls “Willow Weep For Me”. I loved seeing it, I wish I could have seen the show. Thanks.

  3. Mitch Gohman says:

    Rhonda, if you like Lou’s music just do a search on YouTube with a filter for playlist. You’ll find quite a few of us still lovethe man’s talents. Did you hear the praise which Frank Sinatra heaped on him? He said that Lou had, “the smoothest style and the silkiest chops in the business.”

  4. Barry Velleman says:

    Thanks very much for posting these West Coast gems! Very enjoyable – when introducing the wonderful Irene Kral in the Shelly Manne episode, Frank Evans says she had been on the show a few weeks before. Is there any video available of that earlier appearance? Thanks again!!

    • Lance Evans says:

      Barry – I have yet to uncover any more episodes. As the years go by, who knows if “lost” episodes will pop up. So, sorry, but no information about any other Irene Kral appearances.

      Lance Evans

  5. Barry Velleman says:

    Thanks very much!
    These videos are a treasure for all of us – Thanks again, Barry

  6. Dan says:

    Hi Mitch,
    I was born in 60, and your Fathers program is one of outstanding JAZZ musicians, and his highlighting of their music. From his appearance, to his voice and vernacular, he was a GIANT among GIANTS in this arena that has since somewhat become too commercial. The music that was portrayed in this generation is one that one really yearns for in today’s times. I believe the last time I saw a good jazz concert was at the Argyle Hotel here in LA, and it was a small dinner venue with Freddie Hubbard!! To my amazement their were special celebrities and artists who showed up to stand in with Freddie. I am evermore intrigued by some of these artists such as Mancini and his band, as the resident band playing at Mothers, being showcased on the TV series Peter Gunn!! Thank you, and especially your beloved Father whom without we would not know the existence of these treasures!


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